Art Gallery


From January 25 to March 6, 2018

The work of Georges Saillard, shown at Sentô is inspired by the book Walden, from the philosopher H.D. Thoreau.

« Few years ago like many others I asked myself about the meanings of my life, my job, my lifestyle. To think about it, I retired several months in an old isolated farm, nearby a pond. During this stay I read Thoreau I had heard about quite often without having the time to look into it. Similarities with what I was living and feeling, critics and observations of Thoreau about the society so relevant 160 years later have touched me deeply.

The work I present here is a tribute to Walden and its author. All photographs were taken goshawks my refuge and nearby pond. I added as a mythical figure, a pure Eve with a soul not yet corrupted by civilization, Thoreau could have surprised during one of his walks. » G.Saillard


In search of simplicity and lightness …

In his small workshop under the roofs of Paris, the Motoko Saigo pottery is handmade.

The enamels, made to measure are constantly renewed and with the contribution of chance and a high temperature cooking, each piece is different.

Both decorative and useful to enjoy the aesthetic pleasure in everyday life.