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Delphine de Luppé

Mon vocabulaire pictural tente de réduire, dans l’affrontement des contraires, l’objet au signe. Mes figures oscillent entre des surfaces griffonnées et des structures concrètes. Ce dialogue confond, partage et module les plans de mes peintures. Sous les syncopes des bâtons d’huile se dessinent des lignes droites et des formes géométriques, aplats colorés

Delphine de Luppé’s pictorial vocabulary attempts to reduce the object to a symbol, in a clash of opposites. Her figures fluctuate between scribbled surfaces and defined structures. This concept blends, shares and shapes the plans of herpaintings. Straight lines and geometric shapes, colourful flat tints, architectural cross-sections, optical illusions and material combinations, urban and rural maps take shape over, under and within one another, to the beat of oil sticks.

Her recent work delves further into the concept of topographic zoom. Through a restricted perspective, the artist attempts to contain the entire scene within the surface area of the canvas. She sees her work as walls that block the view.

Delphine de Luppé also uses images taken from old books, travel guides, technical documents, private works… She takes the original images and covers them with a coloured network, which brings out the prominent part. Black dots or red lines skim over the print, just as scaffolding reveals the shape of the building it protects. Reproduced on large construction tarpaulins, the images become a canvas where wool embroiders a new story, by adding a symbol, by duplicating a line.

, découpes architecturales, jeux de perspective et de matière, cartographies urbaines et rurales, dessus, dessous, dedans. Mon travail récent pousse encore l’idée du zoom topographique. Je tente, par une perspective contrainte, de contenir dans la surface exacte de la toile, l’ensemble de la scène. J’envisage mes travaux comme des murs qui bloqueraient le regard.


In search of simplicity and lightness …

In his small workshop under the roofs of Paris, the Motoko Saigo pottery is handmade.

The enamels, made to measure are constantly renewed and with the contribution of chance and a high temperature cooking, each piece is different.

Both decorative and useful to enjoy the aesthetic pleasure in everyday life.